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    I Don’t Need Braces, But Want Them!

    Yes, braces are for adults. And you're not alone if you've always wanted them!
    Braces for Adults

    I Don’t Need Braces, But Want Them!                                 

    It seems those unlucky kids who had braces as teens now are smiling their way through life! You didn’t get (or really need) braces, but now you want them! The dreaded process of getting braces as a teen to correct your bite and straighten your teeth might have been great. Why could’t you get that perfect smile?

    Looking at your teeth in the mirror now you might see a small gap on one side, some crowding on the other and an eye tooth that sticks out a tad further than it should, so you obviously would have benefited from a braces program as a child, right? Not necessarily! It’s definitely possible (and likely) that you didn’t really need them then, but as you aged and your teeth shifted so that right tooth is now sticking out a bit further than you’d like.

    At Reflections Dental, we get it. Adults getting examined for braces is a perfectly normal thing we help our patients with. Whether simply cosmetic to to address bite or tooth alignment issues, we offer Invisalign and orthodontic services within our practice!

    While getting braces as an adult isn’t a process you probably want to deal with, it is becoming a more common thing than you realize, especially with the new styles of braces available now. Choosing to get braces for cosmetic reasons is a completely valid choice, and one that might be in your best interest.

    Yes, adults get braces

    As you look in the mirror and judge your crowded teeth, you’re probably thinking to yourself that it’s too late to do anything about it since you’re an adult and they’re not that bad. But adults getting braces for cosmetic reasons is becoming more common, and it’s something you shouldn’t feel bad about jumping into!

    Feeling self conscious about your teeth can hold you back from so many things in life. From smiling to talking, if you are bothered by how your teeth look, you’ll find yourself cringing every time you have to open your mouth and chance your teeth being seen. This may not be a rational concern but if it’s something that gets in the way of you enjoying life to the fullest, it’s worthwhile to investigate your braces options.

    Feeling great about your smile is important

    Choosing to get braces in order to feel more confident about your smile and less self conscious about your teeth can be a very good decision for many people. Having the confidence to finally flash that attractive toothy smile will have you wishing you took the step sooner!

    Every time you open your mouth your teeth are visible, so reducing the feeling of self consciousness because of your teeth will help you to live a less stressed life, since your teeth will no longer be at the forefront of your mind.

    Braces could do more than improve your confidence

    While you might think that your teeth just need a slight straightening so braces aren’t really worth the trouble, you could be surprised to realize that straightening those barely crowded teeth could help with a number of issues you didn’t even realize you had.

    Crowded teeth can lead to difficulty chewing, jaw pain, difficulty in cleaning your teeth and even speech impediments. Getting braces as an adult can help to relieve or correct some of these concerns, leaving you even more confident than you thought you’d be.

    Braces aren’t clunky anymore

    Most people are probably picturing those clunky, metal filled braces and awkward headgears from your youth, but the tooth straightening game has changed! Invisible braces like Invisalign are able to work at straightening your teeth and correcting your bite without anyone realizing that’s what is happening. Adults love that this style of braces can make a significant change without being a glaringly obvious sign that cosmetic work is being done.

    Cosmetic braces are a great idea

    Choosing to get braces as an adult is a great choice for many people. Even though it may be mostly for cosmetic reasons, getting braces at any age is bound to create results that you will be more than happy with. Cosmetic dentistry can help you feel better about your teeth, and yourself. Sounds like more than enough reason to just go for it! Talk to your dentist about whether you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry at your next appointment, and start down the road today!