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    FAQ – Answers from Reflections Dental Staff

    Yes, we are and we would be pleased to meet you. Learn more about us or contact us now! We proudly serve patients living in Oakville or nearby Burlington and Milton.

    I am nervous about visiting the dentist and need to be sedated – can you help?

    Yes, we understand that some patients experience anxiety when visiting the dentist and especially when undergoing dental work. We employ oral and nitrous oxide sedation and can discuss if this is right for you.

    I prefer a female dentist, do you have female dentists on staff?

    Yes, Dr. Shivani Saggar and Dr. Marisa D’Angelo understand some patients prefer a female dentist. In fact, our entire staff is comprised of females.

    I want my teeth whitened, what is the best way to do it?

    Teeth can be bleached or whitened with surface cleaners. In either case, it is important that we discuss your unique dental health before deciding and we would be pleased to do so!Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services or contact us today!

    I was playing hockey and chipped my tooth – and its 10 p.m. – can you help!?

    We do accept emergencies and can provide service for existing patients after hours. We try and accommodate those not already patients at our office as quickly as possible, depending on the nature of the emergency.

    I have questions about Invisalign and braces for my child and me – do you offer both?

    Yes! We provide orthodontic care suitable for children and adults and can discuss your preferred options, including Invisalign. Whether you would like to learn about Invisalign and braces or have other questions related to improper positioning of teeth, we can help. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your orthodontic needs further.

    Do you practice pediatric dentistry as I have a young family with children?

    Yes, at Reflections Dental we are proud to serve all members of your multi-generational family – from infants to seniors!

    I have been diagnosed with dental issues requiring restoration. Would you be able to provide a second opinion?

    Yes. We understand undergoing dental procedures can cause some anxiety and you want to be certain before proceeding. We would be pleased to provide you another professional opinion.

    Is your dental clinic location accessible and offer free parking?

    Absolutely. We are on the main floor of the new Palermo Professional Centre in Palermo Village, Oakville. There is a two storey parking structure providing free, covered parking.

    Does your dental office offer free Wi-Fi?

    Yes, we provide complimentary Wi-Fi service. We are totally connected and even have iPads in the children’s area!

    Are you open Sundays or late weekdays?

    Although we are not open Sundays, we do offer regular weekday evening hours and accommodate Saturday appointments.

    I have dental insurance coverage. Can you bill direct to my insurance company?

    Yes, we offer direct billing to insurance companies so that you’re not out of pocket up front for your dental care costs.

    I do not have dental insurance coverage. What payment options are available?

    Help is available to those who don’t have dental insurance coverage with convenient payment options. Contact us so we can discuss your needs!

    I need dentures and am unsure if I need partial or full dentures. Can you offer advice?

    When you have lost teeth, removable partial dentures or full dentures may be right for you. contact us for a dental exam and we will discuss the best options for you!