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    Dental Billing and Costs

    Insured Patients

    At Reflections Dental, we are focused on patient convenience and offer direct billing to your insurance company for those covered by dental plans. Another reason why visiting the dentist is painless!

    Some services not covered by insurance plans, typically those cosmetic in nature, are at additional cost and billed direct to you. In these cases we can accept payment by cheque, credit card or debit.

    Uninsured Patients

    “I do not have dental insurance and am self employed. What are the prices for your services?”

    We understand many of our patients do not have dental health insurance plans and may be unemployed or self employed. Our professional services are delivered by experienced dental professionals and our rates are reasonable. Due to the large range of services, we invite you to contact us for pricing anytime.

    It is particularly important for uninsured patients to keep on top of their check ups and dental cleaning visits. It is clear that investing in prevention is far more cost-effective than procrastinating when it comes to your dental care – and dealing with much more serious issues that may develop like severe cavities and infection.

    Great oral health plays an important part in your overall health. Invest in yourself and keep on top of your oral care regimen. Can you afford not to?

    Contact us today for information on the cost of cleanings and dental care procedures.