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    Orthodontics – Invisalign and Braces

    Orthodontic care for your entire family is available. Whether you would like to learn about Invisalign, braces, or have other questions related to improper positioning of teeth, we’d be pleased to help. Orthodontics primary function is to restore malocclusions, or improper bites. Today, more children and adults are treating misaligned teeth so we specialize in orthodontics for the entire family. Once diagnosed, we will formulate a treatment plan based on your needs and preferences.


    Dental braces are apparatus the span the teeth to align and straighten them while restoring a proper bite and jaw alignment. In some cases, braces are used primarily for cosmetic straightening if the bite is deemed adequate. Metal braces are less commonly used today as clear, ceramic or white braces are more aesthetically pleasing for most patients.


    Invisalign is a cosmetically preferential alternative to traditional braces due to their transparency. Invisalign works a little differently as they involve a series of aligners that are switched out in incremental steps as teeth alignment progresses. Yes, Invisalign is available at Reflections Dental Oakville! In sum, a scanned model of the patient’s teeth are taken as the basis for creating molds that serve as the incremental pieces the patient wears. Each mold takes them through corrective stages that eventually achieve the desired end results.

    Your Invisalign Smile in 5 Easy Steps

    Think of Invisalign as braces, without the braces. They are more comfortable, almost unnoticeable and largely achieve the same results as braces. Orthodontic treatment has come a long way with this approach to addressing misalignment of a bite or incorrect spacing between teeth.

    1. Contact us to set up a consultation to ensure Invisalign is right for you! Of course, you will have questions and our dentists are here to answer in detail! See Invisalign’s online “smile assessment” tool to try your own preliminary evaluation.
    2. Create Your Personalized Invisalign Plan. Our dental team will take the needed images that will enable 3D modeling of your teeth to be used for your Invisalign treatment plan. The time frame for treatment is about one year for adults, and roughly similar to the time for traditional braces for teenagers.
    3. Receive your Invisalign “Aligners” Several sets of clear plastic aligners will be provided with instructions on how to place and manage them. They are to be worn constantly and removed only when brushing/flossing or eating.
    4. Graduate to the Next Aligner Every Two Weeks Along the way, we will monitor your progress to ensure the treatment is going according to your Invisalign plan (yes, you will see results along the way!).
    5. Smile – Your Invisalign Treatment is Complete! Now, show off your smile with confidence!

    If you’re thinking about Invisalign or braces and would like an orthodontic treatment consultation and are in the Oakville, Burlington, or Milton area contact us today! At Reflections Dental our dentists would be pleased to discuss the orthodontic and general dental care needs of your entire family.