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    Preventative Dentistry

    What is dental hygiene? Great oral care starts at home – and at Reflections Dental! By brushing and flossing frequently. In fact, the Canadian Dental Association cites these two activities among the most important things to maintain oral health along with regular dentist check-ups.

    Brushing and flossing is not difficult, but there is a right way to brush and floss that ensures you’re properly removing the plaque from your teeth. Removing plaque keeps you from developing gum disease and tooth decay. We will spend the time to demonstrate to you the proper techniques to effectively brush, floss and mouthwash. We will recommend oral hygiene products to address your specific needs and provide samples (based on availability). Prevention of periodontal disease is key from a young age. If you already have periodontal disease, we can address ways to arrest and manage the disease to prevent further progression.

    A little prevention goes a long way to avoid additional and sometimes costly restorative dental procedures, from tooth fillings to tooth extraction.

    Dental Hygiene and Your Kids

    When should kids start brushing? Even before they have teeth so good oral hygiene habits develop early!

    Children should be brushing and flossing just as adults, at least twice a day. It is important to recognize, however, that young children cannot do it on their own.

    Kid’s oral health depends on parents’ initiative and children should receive help until they are ready to independently brush and floss on their own. Of course, parents should ensure to check they have done a good job cleaning their teeth and continue to reinforce good oral hygiene habits.

    Great oral health means practicing preventative measures and it starts at home. Brush and floss diligently and visit Reflections Dental for regular oral exams. Together, we will achieve life-long oral health and hygiene for your entire family!

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