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    Full service family dentistry in Oakville just got better at Reflections Dental! Our dental and oral care services are delivered by highly skilled dentists and their well trained staff at our new state of the art location at Oakville’s Palermo Medical Professional Centre.

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    Dentist for Entire Family Oakville

    Family-Child Dentistry — We pride ourselves in taking care of the entire family, from infants to grandparents! Pediatric dental patients, teenagers, adults and seniors all need specialized oral care and services and we understand the unique needs of each.

    Preventative Dentistry — Ensuring you keep up great oral hygiene at home is important. A key part of ensuring excellent oral hygiene is to come in for regular dental cleanings and check-ups. We will teach the correct techniques for brushing and flossing to prevent or arrest periodontal disease. Also, we can often diagnose issues that may in future pose problems if not addressed now, like the need for night guards to help protect teeth from wear or injury.

    Restorative Dentistry — Unfortunately requiring some sort of dental repair or restoration in inevitable. Whether you require fillings, crowns/caps, bridge work, root canal, implants or dentures, we can help. We will accurately properly diagnose problems and ensure you understand the best treatment options for you.

    Cosmetic Dentistry — Whether you would like your teeth whitened or require veneers to get that winning smile, we can help. Our cosmetic dental services are sure to make you smile and brim with confidence!

    Oral Surgery and Sedation — Whether you require your wisdom teeth extraction or another surgical procedure, our skilled and experienced dentists can help make such procedures painless. Ask about sedation options that best suit you – we’re here to help and understand many patients get anxious when dental surgery is required.

    Orthodontics — Orthodontic care for your entire family is available. Whether you’d like to learn about Invisalign, braces, or have other questions related to improper positioning of teeth, we’d be pleased to help.

    Emergencies — As your primary dental caregivers, we are here for you in emergency situations. We will be responsive to your needs and assess your issue so that your dental emergency is dealt with in a timely manner.

    Costs and Billing – We offer direct billing to insurance companies so that you’re not out of pocket up front for your dental care costs. Also, help is available to those who don’t have dental insurance coverage with convenient payment options.

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