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    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry at Reflections Dental Oakville is about helping you achieve the healthy, vibrant smile you have always wanted. Many patients would like their teeth whitened or bleached for an extra white smile. In other cases, restorative procedures not only can restore the function of your teeth, but improve their appearance as well. If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Oakville, we are here for you.

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening can be achieved in two ways — using surface whiteners or bleaches. Surface whiteners often come in the form of toothpastes and use fine abrasives to help cleanse surface stains. They do not, however, substitute for dental cleanings by qualified hygienists or dentists.


    Teeth bleaching should be done in consultation with your dentist as it involves penetrating the enamel surface of your teeth. Dental bleaching sometimes can have uneven results, particularly if you have crowns (caps), fillings or bridgework in place. Consulting with your dentist will ensure you are a good candidate for whitening an d they can recommend the approprate whitening treatment for your needs (typically, bleaching is done using either vital or non-vital bleaching methods, depending on whether the teeth are alive or not). The actual mechanism for bleaching your teeth also varies depending on your unique situation. This can range from using bleach mixed toothpaste to wearing a mouth guard for an extended period containing bleach.

    Invisalign and Braces

    Invisalign, often referred to as “clear braces”, are very effective and popular particularly with adults. Yes, braces for adults are very common. Braces are now typical for pre-teens, older teenagers and adults alike, as well. Having properly aligned teeth provides more than cosmetic benefits. Having “straight” teeth restores a proper bite and can improve chewing food. In some cases, it can help with speech clarity, too. Properly aligned teeth can also make caring for them easier when flossing and brushing. Whether you’re seeking out a better smile or not, having properly aligned teeth provide many health benefits! Learn more about Invisalign and braces for your family.

    Porcelain Caps and Veneers

    Many patients requiring restorative dental work are understandably concerned about the final appearance of their teeth. Whether it is fillings, crowns, veneers or bridges you require there are ways to ensure they produce a desirable final result. White fillings are often used rather than dark, metallic fillings. Also, porcelain crowns, veneers or bridges can often be used that have a natural, aesthetically appealing finish. Modern technology allows us to whiten and restore your teeth to a natural looking colour. You will love showing off your healthy, bright smile!

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