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    Strawberries Oranges Foods that Whiten Teeth

    Are There Really Foods That Can Help Whiten Teeth?

    While you’ve likely been told for most of your life that you have to brush your teeth to keep them healthy, strong and white, there’s a good chance you haven’t thought much about how another habit can affect them: what you eat! The foods you eat can actually have a significant effect on how white your teeth are. Though it’s probably easy to identify the different food and drinks that can harm your teeth and reduce their pearly white glow, it can be a bit more difficult to pinpoint which foods are actually helping to keep them white.

    Best foods to help whiten teeth

    Did you know? At Reflections-Dental Oakville, we provide teeth whitening services. Whether you want to be more confident with your smile or have stains you are having trouble removing, we can help!

    There are many different foods that can help whiten your teeth and help them stay clean. Incorporating some or all of these foods into your diet can help ensure your teeth are sparkling without the expensive dentist bill that can come with whitening treatments.


    Packed with malic acid, strawberries can help whiten teeth even though they may stain your shirt! Malic acid is a teeth whitener that naturally makes teeth whiter so including it in your diet is a good move.

    Dairy products

    Dairy products like yogurt, cheese and milk contain tooth strengthening and whitening properties like calcium and lactic acid. Chewing on cheese, especially hard cheese, stimulates saliva production which will wash away food particles that can stain your teeth.

    Crunchy fruits and veggies

    Fruits and veggies like celery, carrots and apples help to keep your teeth clean both by stimulating saliva production which washes off stain causing food particles and by scrubbing teeth clean as you chew them. They also help to kill the bacteria that can cause bad breath and help to maintain gum health.

    Oranges and pineapples

    Tart, citrus fruits like oranges and pineapples also stimulate saliva production allowing teeth to naturally clean themselves. A recent study has shown that bromelain is one of the effective ingredients in stain removing toothpaste and pineapple is the only food that naturally contains this ingredient.


    The high fiber content in broccoli helps to reduce inflammation in your mouth and polishes your teeth as you chew. The iron in broccoli can also help protect your teeth from the acids created by bacteria which can help prevent stains and cavities.


    The whitening capabilities from cauliflower come from the fact that it requires so much chewing to actually eat it. The more chewing a food requires, the more saliva your mouth will produce. Since saliva is the perfect natural cleanser, your teeth will thank you for putting in the work to chew the cauliflower.


    Drinking water regularly throughout the day helps rinse your teeth between meals and after snacks. When food particles and loose plaque are left on your teeth and not washed off it can lead to stains and cavities.

    Nuts and seeds

    Much like your tooth brush, the abrasive texture of nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews, walnuts and sunflower seeds works to scrub stains from your teeth helping them to appear whiter. The calcium found in most nuts and seeds also helps to strengthen teeth to ward off damage and staining from other foods.

    While some foods whiten, other habits can stain

    Being aware of the foods than can help keep your teeth white is one half of the job, but knowing some bad habits that can stain them is another piece of the whitening puzzle. Habits like drinking coffee or tea, smoking, drinking red wine and eating tomato or soy-based sauces can lead to teeth staining. Be sure to clean your mouth and teeth well to help your teeth stay as white as possible.

    Lear more about teeth whitening from your dentist

    Taking steps to ensure you take great care of your teeth day to day is the best way to keep your mouth health in top shape, but visiting your dentist for regular check ups and cleanings is another essential part of the process. Your dentist can help monitor any potential concerns as they arise and help you understand the things you are doing right in between appointments.